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teams to win
Round of 16Bayer Leverkusen vs Rangers-:- 35% 19% 48%2-4.5betting predictions info
Round of 16Getafe vs Inter-:- 47% 28% 28%1X-2.5betting predictions info
Round of 16Shakhtar Donetsk vs Wolfsburg-:- 63% 19% 27%1-4.5betting predictions info
Round of 16Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Olympiacos-:- 29% 21% 55%2+3.5betting predictions info
Round of 16Basel vs Eintracht Frankfurt-:- 55% 16% 32%1+2.5betting predictions info
Round of 16Koebenhavn vs Istanbul Basaksehir-:- 36% 29% 36%X-2.5betting predictions info
Round of 16Manchester United vs LASK-:- 55% 19% 30%1-3.5betting predictions info
Round of 16Roma vs Sevilla-:- 44% 14% 42%12+1.5betting predictions info
Serie C:: group AJuventus U23 vs Pro Vercelli-:- 34% 19% 50%2-1.5betting predictions info
Champions LeagueAtlanta United Fc vs America-:- 45% 19% 37%1+1.5betting predictions info
Champions LeagueCruz Azul vs Los Angeles-:- 31% 34% 35%X2-3.5betting predictions info
PremierShakhter Soligorsk vs Torpedo Zhodino0 - 1 45% 30% 27%1X-3.5betting predictions info
A LygaVilniaus Riteriai vs Banga Gargzdai-:- 61% 22% 17%1-3.5betting predictions info
Copa Libertadores:: group 2Bolivar vs Palmeiras-:- 64% 17% 27%1-3.5betting predictions info
Copa Libertadores:: group 2Guarani vs Tigre-:- 60% 25% 24%1-3.5betting predictions info
Copa Libertadores:: group 5Universidad Catolica vs Gremio-:- 30% 25% 49%2-1.5betting predictions info
Copa Libertadores:: group 8Independiente Medellin vs Caracas-:- 43% 24% 34%1+1.5betting predictions info
Copa Libertadores:: group 8Libertad vs Boca Juniors-:- 39% 32% 30%1X+1.5betting predictions info
Primera DivisiĆ³nPalestino vs Everton CD-:- 78% 23% 20%1+2.5betting predictions info
Primera DivisiĆ³nUniversidad de Concepcion vs Union Espanola-:- 62% 16% 29%1+1.5betting predictions info
Primera A:: aperturaDeportivo Cali vs Millonarios-:- 1.97 3.24 4.00 46% 32% 25%1X+0.5betting predictions info
V-LeagueFLC Thanh Hoa vs Nam Dinh-:- 68% 28% 19%1X-3.5betting predictions info
V-LeagueHoang Anh Gia Lai vs Saigon-:- 26% 34% 42%X2+1.5betting predictions info
V-LeagueSong Lam Nghe An vs Da Nang-:- 40% 34% 27%1X-2.5betting predictions info
V-LeagueHa Noi vs Hoang Anh Gia Lai-:- 56% 29% 15%1X+2.5betting predictions info
V-LeagueHa Noi vs Song Lam Nghe An-:- 44% 33% 26%1X-3.5betting predictions info
Premier LeagueAl Fateh vs Al Feiha-:- 36% 36% 28%1X+1.5betting predictions info
Premier LeagueAl-Faisaly vs Al-Taawoun-:- 36% 29% 36%X-2.5betting predictions info
UAE LeagueHatta vs Fujairah-:- 42% 24% 35%1+0.5betting predictions info
UAE LeagueShabab Al-Ahli Dubai vs Al-Dhafra-:- 39% 35% 28%1X-2.5betting predictions info
UAE LeagueAl-Ain vs Baniyas-:- 54% 25% 27%1+2.5betting predictions info
UAE LeagueAL Ittihad Kalba vs Al-Nasr-:- 19% 60% 21%X+0.5betting predictions info
Premier LeagueAl Masry vs Ismaily-:- 26% 45% 30%X2+1.5betting predictions info
Premier LeagueEl Zamalek vs Misr El-Maqasa-:- 57% 24% 25%1+1.5betting predictions info
Premier LeagueGor Mahia vs Posta Rangers-:- 34% 42% 25%1X-1.5betting predictions info
Liga 2:: EastMitra Kukar vs Kalteng Putra-:- 53% 21% 30%1+0.5betting predictions info
Liga 2:: WestPSMS vs Semen Padang-:- 41% 22% 37%12-2.5betting predictions info
ParaibanoBotafogo PB vs Sousa PB1 - 1 47% 17% 37%1-2.5betting predictions info

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