Betting tips football archive on 05 April 2020

Predictions football betting tips


teams to win
PremierIsloch vs Slutsk2 - 3 1.86 3.58 5.55 49% 25% 30%1-1.5betting predictions info
Premier LeagueWest Ham United vs Chelsea-:- 3.62 3.60 1.90 22% 23% 55%2+2.5betting predictions info
Premier LeagueManchester City vs Liverpool-:- 1.89 3.84 3.46 68% 19% 25%1-3.5betting predictions info
EFL Trophy:: play-offPortsmouth vs Salford City-:- 34% 32% 34%X+1.5betting predictions info
FA Women’s Super LeagueArsenal vs Manchester United-:- 2.67 2.55 3.20 40% 22% 38%12+1.5betting predictions info
FA Women’s Super LeagueBirmingham City vs West Ham United-:- 46% 28% 28%1X-2.5betting predictions info
FA Women’s Super LeagueChelsea Women vs Brighton-:- 57% 27% 16%1X+2.5betting predictions info
FA Women’s Super LeagueLiverpool vs Tottenham Hotspur-:- 31% 16% 56%2+2.5betting predictions info
FA Women’s Super LeagueManchester City vs Reading-:- 56% 26% 24%1X-3.5betting predictions info
FA Women’s Super LeagueBristol City WFC vs Everton-:- 18% 28% 54%X2+2.5betting predictions info
LaLiga SantanderAthletic Bilbao vs Real Betis-:- 56% 18% 30%1+2.5betting predictions info
LaLiga SantanderAtletico Madrid vs Real Valladolid-:- 1.40 4.10 8.20 64% 28% 20%1X-3.5betting predictions info
LaLiga SantanderGetafe vs Eibar-:- 45% 28% 29%1X-1.5betting predictions info
LaLiga SantanderValencia vs Osasuna-:- 1.77 3.72 4.08 58% 25% 25%1+1.5betting predictions info
LaLiga SantanderSevilla vs Barcelona-:- 2.89 3.54 2.22 31% 22% 49%2-3.5betting predictions info
LaLiga SantanderGranada vs Villarreal-:- 2.43 3.38 2.70 23% 29% 48%X2+2.5betting predictions info
LaLiga SantanderCelta Vigo vs Deportivo Alaves-:- 50% 29% 26%1X-2.5betting predictions info
LaLiga SantanderREspanyol vs Levante-:- 37% 35% 30%1X+0.5betting predictions info
LaLiga SantanderMallorca vs Leganes-:- 36% 30% 34%X+1.5betting predictions info
LaLiga SantanderReal Sociedad vs Real Madrid-:- 20% 20% 60%2-3.5betting predictions info
LaLiga SmartBankAlbacete vs Las Palmas-:- 31% 25% 47%2+1.5betting predictions info
LaLiga SmartBankLugo vs Malaga-:- 23% 28% 49%X2-2.5betting predictions info
LaLiga SmartBankElche vs Deportivo La Coruna-:- 41% 27% 33%1X+0.5betting predictions info
LaLiga SmartBankExtremadura vs Real Zaragoza-:- 32% 34% 34%X-2.5betting predictions info
LaLiga SmartBankGirona vs Numancia-:- 51% 30% 24%1X-2.5betting predictions info
LaLiga SmartBankRayo Vallecano vs Sporting Gijon-:- 33% 30% 37%X+1.5betting predictions info
LaLiga SmartBankReal Oviedo vs Fuenlabrada-:- 50% 30% 25%1X+1.5betting predictions info
LaLiga SmartBankHuesca vs Cadiz-:- 38% 32% 30%1X-1.5betting predictions info
LaLiga SmartBankPonferradina vs Racing Santander-:- 58% 24% 25%1+1.5betting predictions info
LaLiga SmartBankTenerife vs Mirandes-:- 33% 23% 47%2-1.5betting predictions info
LaLiga SmartBankAlmeria vs Alcorcon-:- 41% 19% 41%12+1.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IAtletico Madrid B vs Real Oviedo B-:- 34% 40% 27%1X+1.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group ICelta Vigo B vs Sporting Gijon B-:- 46% 22% 33%1-1.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IGetafe B vs Ibiza-:- 23% 13% 64%2-2.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group ILas Palmas B vs Internacional de Madrid-:- 24% 38% 40%X2+1.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IMarino Luanco vs Pontevedra-:- 35% 24% 41%2+0.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IMelilla vs Racing de Ferrol-:- 28% 29% 47%X2+1.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IReal Madrid Castilla vs Atletico Baleares-:- 41% 37% 25%1X+1.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IUP Langreo vs Rayo Majadahonda-:- 59% 22% 26%1+0.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IIBarakaldo vs Osasuna B-:- 62% 25% 23%1+1.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IIBurgos vs Logrones-:- 36% 32% 32%1X-2.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IICalahorra vs Real Valladolid B-:- 37% 40% 24%1X+0.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IIHaro Deportivo vs Leonesa-:- 30% 36% 34%X2+0.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IIDeportivo Alaves B vs Salamanca UDS-:- 19% 68% 14%1X-1.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IIGuijuelo vs Real Union-:- 41% 20% 39%12+0.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IIIzarra vs Amorebieta-:- 38% 32% 30%1X+1.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IIReal Sociedad B vs Tudelano-:- 33% 32% 35%X-2.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IILeioa vs Arenas Getxo-:- 33% 29% 39%X2-2.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IIUnionistas de Salamanca vs Athletic Bilbao B-:- 53% 31% 23%1X+0.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IIIBadalona vs Ejea-:- 32% 40% 28%1X-0.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IIICastellon vs Orihuela-:- 37% 49% 18%1X+0.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IIIEbro vs Andorra-:- 70% 24% 6%1+2.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IIIEbro vs Reus-:- 32% 34% 34%X-2.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IIIEspanyol B vs AE Prat-:- 48% 37% 21%1X-2.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IIIGimnastic vs Sabadell-:- 49% 26% 28%1X-1.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IIILa Nucia vs Atletico Levante UD-:- 47% 33% 25%1X-1.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IIILleida Esportiu vs Llagostera-:- 50% 29% 26%1X+0.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IIICornella vs Barcelona B-:- 53% 22% 29%1+1.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IIIOlot vs Villarreal B-:- 20% 44% 39%X2-2.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IIIValencia B vs Hercules-:- 40% 33% 29%1X+0.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IVAlgeciras vs Merida-:- 33% 26% 42%X2-1.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IVBadajoz vs Linense-:- 41% 32% 28%1X-1.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IVTalavera de la Reina vs Cartagena-:- 36% 37% 28%1X-1.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IVCadiz B vs Don Benito-:- 44% 35% 25%1X-1.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IVCordoba vs UCAM Murcia-:- 27% 41% 34%X2-1.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IVReal Murcia vs Recreativo Huelva-:- 45% 28% 29%1X+0.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IVSan Fernando CD vs Villarrobledo-:- 60% 25% 24%1-1.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IVSevilla Atletico vs Atletico Sanluqueno-:- 54% 40% 17%1X+1.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IVVillarrubia vs Granada B-:- 29% 42% 29%X-2.5betting predictions info
Segunda B:: group IVYeclano vs Marbella-:- 45% 38% 21%1X+1.5betting predictions info
Primera Division :: WomenAthletic Bilbao vs Rayo Vallecano-:- 49% 21% 33%1-3.5betting predictions info
Primera Division :: WomenDeportivo La Coruna vs Barcelona-:- 19% 26% 55%X2+2.5betting predictions info
Primera Division :: WomenEspanyol vs Atletico Madrid-:- 24% 29% 47%X2+1.5betting predictions info
Primera Division :: WomenLevante vs Logrono-:- 37% 32% 32%1X-1.5betting predictions info
Primera Division :: WomenMadrid Femenino vs Huelva-:- 48% 20% 34%1+0.5betting predictions info
Primera Division :: WomenReal Betis Femenino vs Granadilla Tenerife Sur-:- 34% 35% 32%X+1.5betting predictions info
Primera Division :: WomenReal Sociedad vs Tacon-:- 44% 25% 33%1-2.5betting predictions info
Primera Division :: WomenValencia vs Sevilla-:- 50% 22% 30%1-3.5betting predictions info
Serie ASassuolo vs Lecce-:- 34% 29% 39%X2+1.5betting predictions info
Serie ABrescia vs Verona-:- 34% 40% 26%1X-2.5betting predictions info
Serie AParma vs Fiorentina-:- 29% 17% 54%2+1.5betting predictions info
Serie ASampdoria vs SPAL-:- 37% 51% 12%1X-3.5betting predictions info
Serie AInter vs Bologna-:- 43% 32% 27%1X-1.5betting predictions info
Serie ALazio vs Milan-:- 37% 22% 41%12+1.5betting predictions info
Serie BLivorno vs Venezia-:- 42% 23% 36%1-2.5betting predictions info
Serie BCosenza vs Trapani-:- 35% 36% 29%1X-2.5betting predictions info
Serie BSalernitana vs Cremonese-:- 53% 28% 25%1X-1.5betting predictions info
Serie C:: group ARenate vs Pro Vercelli-:- 34% 23% 45%2-1.5betting predictions info
Serie C:: group ACarrarese vs AlbinoLeffe-:- 20% 74% 8%1X-1.5betting predictions info
Serie C:: group AComo vs US Pianese-:- 63% 33% 18%1X+1.5betting predictions info
Serie C:: group AOlbia vs US Pergolettese 1932-:- 41% 25% 35%1-1.5betting predictions info
Serie C:: group APistoiese vs Aurora Pro Patria 1919-:- 32% 28% 41%X2+0.5betting predictions info
Serie C:: group AGiana Erminio vs Calcio Lecco 1912-:- 42% 29% 31%1X+-0.betting predictions info
Serie C:: group AASGozzano vs Juventus U23-:- 35% 35% 31%1X+0.5betting predictions info
Serie C:: group AAlessandria vs Monza-:- 50% 31% 24%1X-2.5betting predictions info
Serie C:: group AUS Citta DI Pontedera vs Robur Siena-:- 36% 39% 27%1X+0.5betting predictions info
Serie C:: group BAlma Juventus Fano vs Vicenza-:- 31% 29% 41%X2+0.5betting predictions info
Serie C:: group BCarpi vs Virtus Verona-:- 61% 24% 15%1+2.5betting predictions info
Serie C:: group BArzignano Valchiampo vs Ssd Vis Pesaro 1898-:- 28% 42% 30%X+-0.betting predictions info
Serie C:: group BSudtirol vs Triestina-:- 45% 29% 29%1X+1.5betting predictions info
Serie C:: group BFeralpiSalo vs Sambenedettese Calcio-:- 27% 49% 25%1X+1.5betting predictions info
Serie C:: group BGubbio vs Ravenna 1913-:- 29% 37% 35%X2+1.5betting predictions info
Serie C:: group BModena vs Cesena-:- 41% 37% 25%1X+0.5betting predictions info
Serie C:: group BReggio Audace vs Fermana-:- 54% 36% 19%1X-2.5betting predictions info
Serie C:: group BRimini vs Padova-:- 49% 29% 26%1X-1.5betting predictions info
Serie C:: group CCasertana vs Catania-:- 68% 21% 23%1-2.5betting predictions info
Serie C:: group CTeramo vs Bari-:- 39% 33% 29%1X-2.5betting predictions info
Serie C:: group CSicula Leonzio vs AZ Picerno ASD-:- 43% 33% 27%1X+0.5betting predictions info
Serie C:: group CViterbese Castrense vs Ternana-:- 38% 22% 40%12-2.5betting predictions info
Serie C:: group CPaganese vs Bisceglie-:- 37% 31% 33%1X-0.5betting predictions info
Serie C:: group CPotenza vs Virtus Francavilla Calcio-:- 34% 35% 32%X-2.5betting predictions info
Serie C:: group CRende vs Reggina-:- 61% 24% 15%1+1.5betting predictions info
Serie C:: group CMonopoli vs Cavese-:- 32% 39% 30%X+1.5betting predictions info
Serie C:: group CCatanzaro vs Vibonese-:- 67% 29% 19%1X+1.5betting predictions info
BundesligaEintracht Frankfurt vs Freiburg-:- 1.70 3.96 4.20 50% 28% 26%1X-3.5betting predictions info
BundesligaFortuna Düsseldorf vs Schalke 04-:- 42% 19% 40%12+1.5betting predictions info
2nd BundesligaErzgebirge Aue vs Darmstadt 98-:- 46% 28% 28%1X+1.5betting predictions info
2nd BundesligaSpVgg Greuther Fürth vs VfL Osnabrück-:- 25% 26% 49%X2-2.5betting predictions info
2nd BundesligaVfL Bochum 1848 vs Holstein Kiel-:- 32% 34% 34%X+1.5betting predictions info
3rd LigaPreußen Münster vs Ingolstadt 04-:- 34% 20% 47%2+0.5betting predictions info
Regionalliga NordAltonaer 93 vs Hannoverscher Sc-:- 41% 26% 33%1X-0.5betting predictions info
Regionalliga NordEintracht Norderstedt vs Werder Bremen II-:- 34% 22% 45%2+3.5betting predictions info
Regionalliga NordHansa Lueneburg vs Wolfsburg II-:- 28% 28% 47%X2+1.5betting predictions info
Regionalliga NordostEnergie Cottbus vs Wacker 90 Nordhausen-:- 28% 25% 51%2+1.5betting predictions info
Regionalliga NordostLichtenberg 47 vs VfB Germania Halberstadt-:- 32% 35% 34%X-2.5betting predictions info
Regionalliga NordostZMeuselwitz vs Viktoria 1889 Berlin-:- 47% 26% 29%1X-1.5betting predictions info
Regionalliga WestSchalke 04 II vs Alemannia Aachen-:- 27% 30% 45%X2-1.5betting predictions info
Regionalliga WestBergisch Gladbach 09 vs Fortuna Düsseldorf II-:- 29% 20% 55%2-2.5betting predictions info
Bundesliga :: Women1 Cologne vs Sgs Essen-Schonebeck 19/68-:- 24% 5% 71%2+2.5betting predictions info
Bundesliga :: WomenUsv Jena vs Freiburg-:- 8% 22% 70%2+2.5betting predictions info
Bundesliga :: Women02 Duisburg vs Sand-:- 26% 18% 56%2+0.5betting predictions info
Ligue 1Monaco vs Nantes-:- 51% 33% 23%1X+1.5betting predictions info
Ligue 1Dijon vs Nice-:- 75% 23% 20%1+1.5betting predictions info
Ligue 1Bordeaux vs Reims-:- 61% 33% 19%1X+1.5betting predictions info
Ligue 1Strasbourg vs Angers-:- 48% 29% 27%1X+1.5betting predictions info
Ligue 1Lyon vs Nimes-:- 49% 25% 29%1-2.5betting predictions info
Ligue 1Paris Saint-Germain vs Metz-:- 82% 18% 21%1+2.5betting predictions info
Ligue 1Amiens vs Rennes-:- 51% 28% 25%1X-3.5betting predictions info
Ligue 1Toulouse vs Saint-Etienne-:- 27% 21% 52%2+1.5betting predictions info
Ligue 1Brest vs Marseille-:- 26% 28% 49%X2-2.5betting predictions info
EredivisieRKC Waalwijk vs Feyenoord-:- 13% 22% 65%2-3.5betting predictions info
EredivisieADO Den Haag vs Emmen-:- 53% 27% 26%1X-3.5betting predictions info
EredivisieAjax Amsterdam vs Zwolle-:- 55% 17% 32%1-4.5betting predictions info
EredivisieTwente vs Fortuna Sittard-:- 56% 31% 13%1X-3.5betting predictions info
Primeira LigaBoavista vs Vitoria de Setubal-:- 43% 21% 37%1+-0.betting predictions info
Primeira LigaMaritimo vs Gil Vicente-:- 62% 32% 19%1X+1.5betting predictions info
Primeira LigaSporting CP vs Tondela-:- 48% 34% 23%1X+2.5betting predictions info
Primeira LigaAves vs Porto-:- 23% 31% 46%X2-3.5betting predictions info
Primeira LigaRio Ave vs Benfica-:- 47% 23% 33%1+1.5betting predictions info
Segunda LigaCasa Pia vs Chaves-:- 22% 26% 52%X2+1.5betting predictions info
Segunda LigaEstoril vs Cova da Piedade-:- 34% 30% 36%X-2.5betting predictions info
Segunda LigaPorto B vs Mafra-:- 50% 34% 22%1X+1.5betting predictions info
Segunda LigaSporting Covilha vs Nacional-:- 36% 30% 34%X+1.5betting predictions info
Segunda LigaBenfica B vs Penafiel-:- 58% 28% 22%1X-2.5betting predictions info
Segunda LigaFarense vs Academica-:- 39% 43% 21%1X+0.5betting predictions info
Segunda LigaVilafranquense vs Academico Viseu-:- 31% 31% 40%X2-1.5betting predictions info
Segunda LigaOliveirense vs Leixoes-:- 72% 19% 23%1-2.5betting predictions info
Segunda LigaVarzim vs Feirense-:- 38% 35% 29%1X+1.5betting predictions info
PremiershipHibernian vs Celtic-:- 29% 26% 48%X2-3.5betting predictions info
1st DivisionNaestved vs Vendsyssel-:- 67% 17% 26%1-3.5betting predictions info
1st DivisionFredericia vs Fremad Amager-:- 32% 30% 38%X2+0.5betting predictions info
EliteserienAalesund vs Haugesund-:- 2.46 3.44 2.70 37% 22% 41%2-2.5betting predictions info
EliteserienBodoe/Glimt vs Mjoendalen-:- 45% 28% 29%1X-2.5betting predictions info
EliteserienKristiansund vs Start-:- 59% 26% 23%1X-3.5betting predictions info
EliteserienSandefjord Fotball vs Sarpsborg 08-:- 54% 31% 23%1X+1.5betting predictions info
EliteserienStabaek vs Odds Ballklubb-:- 38% 20% 42%12+1.5betting predictions info
EliteserienRosenborg vs Brann-:- 1.79 3.74 4.16 77% 19% 22%1+2.5betting predictions info
OBOS-ligaenHamarkameratene vs Lillestroem-:- 15% 18% 67%2+2.5betting predictions info
OBOS-ligaenKFUM Oslo vs Raufoss Fotball-:- 56% 19% 30%1+2.5betting predictions info
OBOS-ligaenSogndal IL vs Ull/Kisa-:- 58% 24% 25%1-3.5betting predictions info
AllsvenskanHammarby vs Kalmar-:- 1.36 5.15 8.50 57% 27% 24%1X+2.5betting predictions info
AllsvenskanHelsingborgs vs Varbergs BoIS-:- 1.77 3.78 4.62 39% 28% 33%1X-1.5betting predictions info
AllsvenskanOestersunds vs Mjallby AIF-:- 43% 24% 34%1+2.5betting predictions info
AllsvenskanGothenburg vs Elfsborg-:- 36% 35% 30%1X-2.5betting predictions info
AllsvenskanSirius vs Falkenbergs-:- 2.11 3.46 3.52 42% 30% 29%1X-2.5betting predictions info
SuperettanTrelleborgs vs Oergryte IS-:- 35% 29% 37%X-2.5betting predictions info
Damallsvenskan: WomenKristianstads DFF vs Djurgardens Dff-:- 64% 20% 16%1+2.5betting predictions info
Damallsvenskan: WomenLinkopings vs KIF Orebro Dff-:- 55% 23% 28%1+2.5betting predictions info
Damallsvenskan: WomenVaxjo DFF vs Eskilstuna United-:- 28% 29% 46%X2+2.5betting predictions info
Bundesliga:: championshipSturm Graz vs Salzburg-:- 22% 18% 60%2+2.5betting predictions info
Bundesliga:: championshipWolfsberger vs Hartberg-:- 57% 18% 30%1-1.5betting predictions info
Bundesliga:: championshipLASK vs Rapid Wien-:- 38% 21% 42%2-4.5betting predictions info
Erste LigaRied vs Kapfenberger-:- 41% 22% 37%1+1.5betting predictions info
Super League:: championshipAEK Athens vs Aris Thessaloniki-:- 51% 25% 28%1+3.5betting predictions info
Super League:: championshipOlympiacos vs Panathinaikos-:- 80% 16% 22%1+2.5betting predictions info
Super League:: championshipPAOK Thessaloniki vs OFI Crete-:- 75% 18% 22%1+2.5betting predictions info
Super LigYeni Malatyaspor vs Goztepe-:- 39% 27% 35%X+0.5betting predictions info
Super LigKonyaspor vs Sivasspor-:- 47% 28% 27%1X-2.5betting predictions info
Super LigKasimpasa vs Fenerbahce-:- 32% 28% 41%X2-2.5betting predictions info
Super LigDenizlispor vs Besiktas-:- 25% 31% 50%X2-2.5betting predictions info
1st LigOsmanlispor vs Erzurum BB-:- 45% 37% 23%1X-2.5betting predictions info
1st LigAltinordu Fk vs Keciorengucu-:- 38% 30% 32%1X-2.5betting predictions info
1st LigEskisehirspor vs Altay Izmir-:- 47% 29% 28%1X-2.5betting predictions info
1st League:: ChampionshipOmonia Nicosia vs AEK Larnaca-:- 30% 26% 45%X2-3.5betting predictions info
1st League:: ChampionshipAEL Limassol vs APOEL Nicosia-:- 39% 32% 30%1X-2.5betting predictions info
National DivisionFola Esch vs Racing Union Luxembourg-:- 65% 14% 21%1-3.5betting predictions info
National DivisionDifferdange 03 vs Jeunesse Esch-:- 63% 22% 24%1+3.5betting predictions info
National DivisionEtzella Ettelbruck vs Muhlenbach Blue Boys-:- 78% 17% 23%1-2.5betting predictions info
National DivisionRodange 91 vs F91 Dudelange-:- 13% 31% 56%X2-3.5betting predictions info
National DivisionVictoria Rosport vs US Hostert-:- 39% 29% 34%1X+1.5betting predictions info
National DivisionUS Mondorf les Bains vs Progres Niederkorn-:- 25% 22% 53%2+2.5betting predictions info
National DivisionUna Strassen vs Union Titus Petange-:- 48% 21% 34%1-3.5betting predictions info
Premier LeagueUral vs Tambov-:- 3.90 4.70 1.62 32% 24% 45%2-2.5betting predictions info
Premier LeagueRepublican Akhmat Grozny vs Sochi-:- 65% 31% 19%1X-1.5betting predictions info
Premier LeagueOrenburg vs Krasnodar-:- 3.78 3.58 2.12 27% 27% 50%X2-2.5betting predictions info
Premier LeagueDinamo Moscow vs Moscow-:- 45% 14% 41%1+3.5betting predictions info
2nd Division:: westDolgoprudny vs Olimp Khimki-:- 35% 37% 29%1X-1.5betting predictions info
2nd Division:: westMurom vs Leningradets-:- 33% 27% 42%X2+0.5betting predictions info
2nd Division:: westTorpedo Vladimir vs Rodina-:- 47% 22% 32%1-2.5betting predictions info
2nd Division:: westVeles Moscow vs Kolomna-:- 70% 19% 24%1+1.5betting predictions info
2nd Division:: westZnamya vs Kazanka Moscow-:- 20% 28% 52%X2+2.5betting predictions info
2nd Division:: westZvezda Saint Petersburg vs Luki-Energiya-:- 22% 17% 61%2-1.5betting predictions info
2nd Division:: centerRotor Volgograd II vs Sokol Saratov-:- 16% 15% 69%2+2.5betting predictions info
2nd Division:: centerRyazan vs Kaluga-:- 38% 37% 27%1X-2.5betting predictions info
2nd Division:: centerKhimik-Arsenal vs Salyut Belgorod-:- 65% 35% 17%1X-2.5betting predictions info
2nd Division:: centerKhimki 2 vs Dinamo Briansk-:- 34% 24% 42%2-2.5betting predictions info
2nd Division:: centerKvant Obninsk vs Zorky Krasnogorsk-:- 34% 25% 43%2-2.5betting predictions info
2nd Division:: centerMetalurg Lypetsk vs Saturn Ramenskoye-:- 35% 30% 35%X+1.5betting predictions info
2nd Division:: centerStrogino vs Ararat Moscow-:- 33% 24% 43%2-3.5betting predictions info
EkstraklasaWisla Krakow vs Rakow Czestochowa-:- 41% 28% 32%1X+1.5betting predictions info
EkstraklasaLechia Gdansk vs Cracovia-:- 34% 33% 34%X+1.5betting predictions info
1st LigaWarta Poznan vs Termalica Nieciecza-:- 53% 24% 27%1+0.5betting predictions info
2nd LigaLech Poznan ll vs Elana Torun-:- 30% 39% 32%X+1.5betting predictions info
2nd LigaGarbarnia vs Widzew Lodz-:- 46% 34% 24%1X-1.5betting predictions info
1st LeagueOsijek vs Gorica-:- 50% 23% 31%1-2.5betting predictions info
NB IIDorogi vs Aqvital Csakvar-:- 43% 17% 41%12-2.5betting predictions info
NB IISoroksar vs Szolnok-:- 35% 24% 42%2+1.5betting predictions info
NB IIBekescsaba vs Szeged 2011-:- 39% 26% 35%1X-1.5betting predictions info
NB IIDuna Aszfalt TVSE vs Gyirmot-:- 39% 26% 35%X+-0.betting predictions info
NB IIAjka vs BSiofok-:- 35% 35% 32%X+1.5betting predictions info
NB IIGyori ETO vs Budaors-:- 63% 20% 25%1-2.5betting predictions info
NB IIHaladas vs Kazincbarcikai BSC-:- 41% 24% 35%1-2.5betting predictions info
NB IIMTK Budapest vs Vac-:- 72% 13% 15%1-3.5betting predictions info
NB IINyiregyhaza Spartacus vs Budafok-:- 34% 23% 45%2-2.5betting predictions info
NB IIVasas Budapest vs Balmazujvaros-:- 38% 22% 40%12-1.5betting predictions info
VirsligaVentspils vs Valmiera-:- 59% 26% 23%1X-2.5betting predictions info
VirsligaRFS vs Spartaks-:- 51% 18% 33%1-1.5betting predictions info
MeistriliigaNarva Trans vs Tammeka-:- 69% 26% 20%1X+2.5betting predictions info
MeistriliigaNomme Kalju vs Talinna Kalev-:- 79% 14% 7%1+2.5betting predictions info
Prva LigaRabotnicki Skopje vs Renova-:- 28% 26% 49%X2+0.5betting predictions info
Prva LigaKF Shkendija vs Vardar Skopje-:- 45% 29% 29%1X-3.5betting predictions info
Prva LigaFk Akademija Pandev vs Sileks-:- 38% 34% 29%1X+0.5betting predictions info
Prva LigaMakedonija GjP vs Shkupi-:- 34% 27% 40%X2+0.5betting predictions info
Federal A:: zone AAtletico Guemes vs Defensores de Pronunciamiento-:- 39% 28% 34%1X+0.5betting predictions info
Federal A:: zone ACentral Norte vs Union de Sunchales-:- 36% 24% 40%12-2.5betting predictions info
Federal A:: zone ADefensores de Belgrano de Villa Ramallo vs Sportivo Belgrano-:- 61% 28% 21%1X+1.5betting predictions info
Federal A:: zone AJuventud Unida Gualeguaychu vs Crucero del Norte-:- 53% 25% 27%1+0.5betting predictions info
Federal A:: zone ASan Martin de Formosa vs Boca Unidos-:- 32% 34% 34%X-0.5betting predictions info
Federal A:: zone ASarmiento de Resistencia vs Chaco For Ever-:- 32% 40% 28%1X+1.5betting predictions info
Federal A:: zone ASportivo Las Parejas vs Douglas Haig-:- 49% 29% 26%1X+0.5betting predictions info
Federal A:: zone BCipolletti vs Circulo Deportivo-:- 46% 27% 30%1X-1.5betting predictions info
Federal A:: zone BSportivo Penarol vs Desamparados-:- 38% 42% 22%1X+0.5betting predictions info
Federal A:: zone BDeportivo Madryn vs Sansinena BB-:- 52% 25% 28%1+0.5betting predictions info
Federal A:: zone BDeportivo Maipu vs CACamioneros-:- 42% 44% 19%1X+0.5betting predictions info
Federal A:: zone BFerro Carril Oeste General Pico vs Juventud Unida Universitario-:- 32% 32% 36%X2+1.5betting predictions info
Federal A:: zone BOlimpo vs Huracan Las Heras-:- 28% 44% 28%X-1.5betting predictions info
Federal A:: zone BSportivo Estudiantes vs Sol de Mayo-:- 62% 24% 23%1-2.5betting predictions info
Copa de la Superliga: group ACentral Cordoba de Santiago vs Arsenal Sarandi-:- 42% 32% 28%1X+0.5betting predictions info
Copa de la Superliga: group AGodoy Cruz vs Banfield-:- 27% 37% 38%X2+0.5betting predictions info
Copa de la Superliga: group AIndependiente vs Boca Juniors-:- 43% 30% 28%1X-2.5betting predictions info
Copa de la Superliga: group APatronato de Parana vs Velez Sarsfield-:- 35% 34% 31%1X+0.5betting predictions info
Copa de la Superliga: group AUnion vs San Lorenzo-:- 46% 32% 25%1X-1.5betting predictions info
Copa de la Superliga: group BAldosivi vs Estudiantes-:- 40% 29% 33%1X-2.5betting predictions info
Copa de la Superliga: group BAtletico Tucuman vs Colon-:- 38% 36% 27%1X-1.5betting predictions info
Copa de la Superliga: group BHuracan vs Racing Club-:- 43% 25% 34%1+1.5betting predictions info
Copa de la Superliga: group BLanus vs Talleres-:- 38% 33% 30%1X-2.5betting predictions info
Copa de la Superliga: group BRiver Plate vs Argentinos Juniors-:- 71% 14% 26%1+2.5betting predictions info
Copa de la Superliga: group BRosario Central vs Defensa y Justicia-:- 47% 27% 29%1X+0.5betting predictions info
Primera Division:: aperturaReal Santa Cruz vs Blooming-:- 38% 25% 38%12-2.5betting predictions info
Primera Division:: aperturaJorge Wilstermann vs Nacional Potosi-:- 48% 24% 30%1-1.5betting predictions info
Primera Division:: aperturaSan Jose vs The Strongest-:- 44% 16% 41%12-3.5betting predictions info
Primera Division:: aperturaOriente Petrolero vs Royal Pari-:- 41% 24% 35%1-2.5betting predictions info
Primera DivisiónAudax Italiano La Florida vs Deportes La Serena-:- 72% 19% 23%1-2.5betting predictions info
Primera DivisiónEverton CD vs Antofagasta-:- 34% 31% 36%X+0.5betting predictions info
Primera DivisiónCobresal vs Curico Unido-:- 39% 31% 31%1X+0.5betting predictions info
Primera DivisiónColo Colo vs O Higgins-:- 64% 16% 20%1+2.5betting predictions info
Primera DivisiónCoquimbo Unido vs Palestino-:- 28% 28% 46%X2+1.5betting predictions info
Primera DivisiónDeportes Iquique vs Universidad de Chile-:- 37% 29% 35%X+1.5betting predictions info
Primera DivisiónHuachipato vs Universidad Catolica-:- 52% 22% 29%1-2.5betting predictions info
Primera DivisiónUnion Espanola vs Santiago Wanderers-:- 33% 16% 53%2-1.5betting predictions info
Primera DivisiónUniversidad de Concepcion vs Union La Calera-:- 52% 21% 31%1+1.5betting predictions info
Primera A:: aperturaDeportivo Cali vs Chico-:- 36% 38% 27%1X-1.5betting predictions info
Primera A:: aperturaPatriotas vs Deportivo Pasto-:- 61% 30% 20%1X-1.5betting predictions info
Primera A:: aperturaAtlético Bucaramanga vs Deportivo Pereira-:- 70% 13% 17%1-3.5betting predictions info
Primera A:: aperturaJunior vs America de Cali-:- 33% 40% 27%1X-2.5betting predictions info
Primera A:: aperturaOnce Caldas vs Cucuta-:- 52% 36% 20%1X-2.5betting predictions info
Primera A:: aperturaTolima vs Alianza Petrolera-:- 42% 41% 22%1X+0.5betting predictions info
Primera A:: aperturaEnvigado vs Millonarios-:- 42% 30% 29%1X+0.5betting predictions info
Primera A:: aperturaIndependiente Medellin vs Jaguares-:- 41% 34% 27%1X-3.5betting predictions info
Primera A:: aperturaSanta Fe vs La Equidad-:- 57% 26% 17%1X+2.5betting predictions info
Primera A:: aperturaRionegro Aguilas vs Atlético Nacional-:- 32% 21% 50%2+1.5betting predictions info
Liga Pro:: 1st StageBarcelona vs El Nacional-:- 73% 27% 19%1X-3.5betting predictions info
Liga Pro:: 1st StageTecnico Universitario vs Emelec-:- 19% 26% 55%X2-3.5betting predictions info
Liga Pro:: 1st StageUniversidad Catolica vs Olmedo-:- 47% 34% 23%1X+0.5betting predictions info
Liga Pro:: 1st StageDelfin vs Deportivo Cuenca-:- 38% 34% 28%1X-1.5betting predictions info
Liga Pro:: 1st StageMushuc Runa vs Guayaquil City-:- 62% 31% 20%1X+0.5betting predictions info
Liga Pro:: 1st StageAucas vs de Quito-:- 31% 29% 42%X2+1.5betting predictions info
Primera División:: aperturaCienciano vs Universitario de Deportes-:- 34% 21% 47%2+0.5betting predictions info
Primera DivisiónAcademia Puerto Cabello vs Atletico Venezuela-:- 40% 34% 27%1X+-0.betting predictions info
Primera DivisiónDeportivo Lara vs Lala-:- 53% 38% 18%1X-2.5betting predictions info
Primera DivisiónMetropolitanos vs Estudiantes Merida-:- 29% 32% 40%X2-1.5betting predictions info
Primera DivisiónZamora vs Portuguesa-:- 57% 40% 16%1X-3.5betting predictions info
Primera DivisiónZulia vs Mineros De Guayana-:- 27% 34% 41%X2+0.5betting predictions info
Primera DivisiónAragua vs Yaracuyanos-:- 65% 34% 17%1X+1.5betting predictions info
Primera DivisiónDeportivo La Guaira vs Monagas-:- 50% 33% 23%1X+0.5betting predictions info
Primera DivisiónDeportivo Tachira vs Carabobo-:- 32% 45% 24%1X-2.5betting predictions info
Liga MX:: clausuraLeon vs Puebla-:- 40% 32% 29%1X+1.5betting predictions info
Liga MX:: clausuraTigres UANL vs Queretaro-:- 41% 39% 23%1X+1.5betting predictions info
Liga MX:: clausuraGuadalajara vs Monarcas Morelia-:- 32% 27% 43%X2-1.5betting predictions info
Liga MX:: clausuraDeportivo Toluca vs Juarez-:- 43% 24% 34%1-2.5betting predictions info
Liga MX:: clausuraSantos vs America-:- 36% 30% 34%X+1.5betting predictions info
Major League SoccerMinnesota United vs San Jose Earthquakes-:- 66% 34% 17%1X+2.5betting predictions info
Major League SoccerVancouver Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake-:- 31% 38% 31%X+1.5betting predictions info
Major League SoccerLos Angeles Galaxy vs Sporting Kansas City-:- 50% 15% 37%1+1.5betting predictions info
Major League SoccerCincinnati vs Atlanta United Fc-:- 45% 20% 36%1-2.5betting predictions info
USL ChampionshipRio Grande Valley vs Sacramento Republic-:- 41% 20% 39%12+2.5betting predictions info
USL ChampionshipReno 1868 vs Las Vegas Lights-:- 70% 24% 20%1+2.5betting predictions info
USL ChampionshipOrange County vs Tacoma Defiance-:- 65% 27% 21%1X+1.5betting predictions info
Primera División:: clausuraGrecia vs Guadalupe-:- 43% 39% 22%1X+0.5betting predictions info
Primera División:: clausuraAdr Jicaral vs La U Universitarios-:- 60% 31% 20%1X-1.5betting predictions info
Primera División:: clausuraSport Herediano vs Santos De Guapiles-:- 32% 65% 10%1X-3.5betting predictions info
Primera División:: clausuraAlajuelense vs Deportivo Saprissa-:- 44% 25% 33%1-2.5betting predictions info
Primera División:: clausuraMunicipal Perez Zeledon vs Limon-:- 74% 21% 22%1+2.5betting predictions info
Liga Nacional:: clausuraCoban Imperial vs Deportivo Malacateco-:- 31% 42% 27%1X+-0.betting predictions info
Liga Nacional:: clausuraMixco vs Guastatoya-:- 30% 24% 48%2-1.5betting predictions info
Liga Nacional:: clausuraSanarate vs Xelaju-:- 43% 27% 32%1X+0.5betting predictions info
Liga Nacional:: clausuraSanta Lucia Cotzumalguapa vs Antigua Guatemala-:- 29% 38% 33%X2-1.5betting predictions info
Liga Nacional:: clausuraVida vs Real Espana-:- 36% 27% 38%X-2.5betting predictions info
Liga Nacional:: clausuraHonduras Progreso vs Real de Minas-:- 66% 34% 17%1X-3.5betting predictions info
Liga Nacional:: clausuraReal Sociedad vs Platense-:- 41% 30% 30%1X-2.5betting predictions info
Liga Nacional:: clausuraOlimpia vs Lobos UPNFM-:- 50% 19% 33%1+0.5betting predictions info
J. League 2Avispa Fukuoka vs V-Varen Nagasaki-:- 36% 32% 32%X-2.5betting predictions info
J. League 2Mito Hollyhock vs Giravanz Kitakyushu-:- 27% 32% 43%X2+0.5betting predictions info
J. League 2Montedio Yamagata vs Tokyo Verdy-:- 29% 31% 43%X2-1.5betting predictions info
J. League 2Renofa Yamaguchi vs Thespakusatsu Gunma-:- 59% 20% 27%1-2.5betting predictions info
J. League 2Zweigen Kanazawa vs Tochigi-:- 43% 37% 24%1X-1.5betting predictions info
J. League 2Machida Zelvia vs Fagiano Okayama-:- 43% 32% 27%1X+1.5betting predictions info
I-LeagueEast Bengal Club vs Neroca-:- 45% 28% 29%1X+0.5betting predictions info
I-LeagueChennai City vs Punjab-:- 23% 42% 37%X2+0.5betting predictions info
Sg. Premier LeagueHougang United vs Brunei Dpmm-:- 22% 68% 12%1X-2.5betting predictions info
Sg. Premier LeagueYoung Lions vs Tanjong Pagar United-:- 22% 16% 62%2-2.5betting predictions info
K-League 1Gangwon vs Incheon United-:- 51% 32% 23%1X-2.5betting predictions info
K-League 2Jeonnam Dragons vs Gyeongnam-:- 50% 40% 18%1X-2.5betting predictions info
K-League 2Daejeon Citizen vs Ansan Greeners-:- 52% 33% 15%1X-3.5betting predictions info
Premier LeagueGabala vs Sabayil-:- 37% 23% 41%12-1.5betting predictions info
Premier LeagueKeshla vs Neftchi-:- 32% 29% 41%X2+0.5betting predictions info
Liga 1Persela Lamongan vs Persebaya Surabaya-:- 47% 22% 32%1-2.5betting predictions info
Hyundai A-LeagueWellington Phoenix vs Adelaide United-:- 1.81 4.10 4.00 39% 16% 46%2-3.5betting predictions info
Group BLibya vs Niger-:- 54% 26% 25%1X+0.5betting predictions info
Premier LeagueKCB vs Gor Mahia-:- 29% 34% 38%X2+1.5betting predictions info
Premier LeagueKariobangi Sharks vs Sofapaka-:- 30% 30% 41%X2-3.5betting predictions info
Premier LeagueTusker vs Kakamega Homeboyz-:- 40% 39% 24%1X-1.5betting predictions info
Premier LeagueZoo vs Ulinzi Stars-:- 26% 39% 37%X2-2.5betting predictions info
Premier LeagueBloemfontein Celtic vs Kaizer Chiefs-:- 27% 27% 50%X2-1.5betting predictions info
Premier LeagueLamontville Golden Arrows vs Black Leopards-:- 41% 21% 39%12+1.5betting predictions info
NPFLDakkada vs Katsina United-:- 31% 26% 44%X2+0.5betting predictions info
NPFLJigawa Golden Stars vs Abia Warriors-:- 36% 28% 36%X+0.5betting predictions info
NPFLKano Pillars vs Heartland Owerri-:- 55% 37% 19%1X-2.5betting predictions info
NPFLKwara United vs Ifeanyi Ubah United-:- 37% 36% 28%1X+0.5betting predictions info
NPFLLobi Stars vs Enyimba-:- 52% 20% 31%1+0.5betting predictions info
NPFLMFM vs Sunshine Stars-:- 48% 22% 32%1+0.5betting predictions info
NPFLNasarawa United vs Adamawa United-:- 73% 11% 28%1-1.5betting predictions info
NPFLPlateau United vs Enugu Rangers-:- 51% 28% 25%1X-1.5betting predictions info
NPFLRivers United vs Akwa United-:- 43% 19% 39%1+1.5betting predictions info
NPFLWikki Tourist vs Warri Wolves-:- 37% 26% 37%X+0.5betting predictions info
Prva LigaBorec vs Struga Trim Lum-:- 41% 27% 33%1X-1.5betting predictions info

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