Some of the Craziest Football Superstitions

Some of the Craziest Football Superstitions


Some of the Craziest Football Superstitions

Soccer players are also one of the most superstitious groups you can ever find. Just like some online casino players who shared their testimonials at choiceonlinecasino casino. If you want to win at something, you always have that one ritual that you do. This will make you feel undefeatable.

Here are some things that footballer's do that is believed to help them win their games.

Kissing Your Goalkeeper's Head

This myth got quite popular after France won the 1998 FIFA World Cup. Before every match, Laurent Blanc was seen kissing the goalkeeper's bald head.

After France won the world's best soccer team title, people began to believe that this actually worked.

The French team is one of the most superstitious team. It would also listen to Gloria Gaynor's song, I will survive before going to play any match.

Peeing in the football Pitch

Well, this has to be one of the most disgusting superstitions ever, but I guess we will all do whatever it takes to win at some point.

According to sports betting usa, this was started by Argentina's goalkeeper Sergio Goycochea before every penalty shootout. Mainly, it became popular in the 1990 World Cup.

Of course, it always worked in the team's favour. Although it lost the final, Argentina used this trick to win the 1991 Copa America.

Sitting on the Toilet to Read the Day's Programme

If Gary Neville is your soccer role model, then maybe you should start reading the day's programme on a closed toilet sit.

The Manchester United player would dress into full kit, got to the toilet, close the sit, and sit while reading what was up for the day for a whole 15 minutes. So, this might be the full reason behind the sports analyst's winning 8 Premier League titles.

Not Wasting the Goals Away During the Warm Up

Well, this is according to English football striker, Gary Lineker. He would avoid taking a shot during the warm up session and "save it" for the real thing.

Therefore, the Lineker went on to score 48 goals in just 90 matches!

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