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Today's betting tips and statistics for: Larisa vs Agrotikos

Home Team

The statistics of the Larisa Team
PointsGoals ScoredGoals Tacked
Data are calculated for last 14 games played
Country: Greece League: Football League North
League Position: 2 Points: 0 Wins: 0
Uefa Points:
Last results for Larisa
2015-01-24Apollon KalamariaLarisa0 - 1Won
2015-01-03LarisaAnagenisi Karditsas2-0Won
2014-12-22Ethnikos Gazoros F.C.Larisa2-1Lose
2014-12-01LarisaTyrnavos 20050-0Draw
2014-11-09Olymp. VolouLarisa2-0Lose

Away Team

The statistics of the Agrotikos Team
PointsGoals ScoredGoals Tacked
Data are calculated for last 14 games played
Country: Greece League: Football League North
League Position: 13 Points: 0 Wins: 0
Uefa Points:
Last results for Agrotikos
2015-01-23AgrotikosLamia3 - 1Won
2015-01-18AgrotikosApollon Kalamaria1-1Draw
2015-01-04AgrotikosZakynthos APS1-1Draw
2014-12-21Anagenisi KarditsasAgrotikos1-0Lose
2014-12-17AgrotikosEthnikos Gazoros F.C.1-0Won
2014-11-09Tyrnavos 2005Agrotikos1-2Won
2014-11-02AgrotikosOlymp. Volou1-1Draw

Betting Tips & Prediction For This Game
Under/Over Betting Tip For This Game
HomeAwayTotal GoalsSuggested bet
1 (1.55)0 (1.18)1+0.5

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If you're starting your first betting with this tips system, we would recommand you begin with not only the sport you know well, but a league you know well. And by knowing well, it means like a ruthless expert. If you don't understand the fundamentals of the soccer or league, it's very difficult to know where to begin in your analysis and it is very difficult to know how to assess the performance of the sport's participants.

Our algorithm calculates the likely outcome as a percentage, correct score and average number of goals in the match by processing multiple factors: mathematical formulas, team table positions, last team evolutions, the value on the market for teams players, historical data or team reputation. Sometime you will see our betting tips are detrimental for your favorite team, but you must remember a significant point in the art of the bet you must be thinking with your head rather than your heart for a winning bet.

We also recommend to stay away from the more obscure leagues. For one thing, mainstream bookmakers are far more sensitive to successful betting in these sort of leagues. They will move quickly to restrict your betting if they feel you've got an edge in a league that they would readily admit not knowing as well as they should.

In final, although with our comprehensive knowledge of soccer and the rigorous analysis of a recent team forms plus many other variables, we give you every day the best betting tips for winning bets, you must always keep in mind one thing: sportbetting is just another kind of gambling game based on luck, and surprises can appear.

With the hope that these betting tips will help you, T4B team wishes you good luck and money !