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Today's betting tips football and the statistics for: Altos Hornos Zapla vs Sportivo Patria on 15 February 2018

Altos Hornos Zapla

The statistics of the Altos Hornos Zapla Team
PointsGoals ScoredGoals Tacked
Data are calculated for last 30 games played
Country: League:
League Position: Points: Wins:
Uefa Points:
Last results for Altos Hornos Zapla
2018-02-12Guarani Antonio FrancoAltos Hornos Zapla0 - 0Draw
2018-02-11Guarani Antonio FrancoAltos Hornos Zapla0 - 0Draw
2018-02-04Deportivo MandiyuAltos Hornos Zapla0 - 0Draw
2017-12-10Chaco For EverAltos Hornos Zapla3 - 0Lose
2017-12-07Altos Hornos ZaplaDeportivo Mandiyu2 - 1Won
2017-12-03Juventud AntonianaAltos Hornos Zapla0 - 0Draw
2017-12-02Juventud AntonianaAltos Hornos Zapla0 - 0Draw
2017-11-29Altos Hornos ZaplaDeportivo San Jorge Tucuman0 - 1Lose
2017-11-25Crucero del NorteAltos Hornos Zapla5 - 1Lose
2017-11-20Altos Hornos ZaplaSarmiento de Resistencia0 - 1Lose

Sportivo Patria

The statistics of the Sportivo Patria Team
PointsGoals ScoredGoals Tacked
Data are calculated for last 30 games played
Country: League:
League Position: Points: Wins:
Uefa Points:
Last results for Sportivo Patria
2018-02-11Sportivo PatriaJuventud Antoniana1 - 2Lose
2017-12-10Deportivo San Jorge TucumanSportivo Patria1 - 0Lose
2017-12-06Sportivo PatriaGuarani Antonio Franco2 - 1Won
2017-12-03Crucero del NorteSportivo Patria4 - 2Lose
2017-12-02Crucero del NorteSportivo Patria4 - 2Lose
2017-11-29Sportivo PatriaChaco For Ever0 - 1Lose
2017-11-25Sarmiento de ResistenciaSportivo Patria4 - 2Lose
2017-11-19Sportivo PatriaDeportivo Mandiyu4 - 1Won
2017-11-16Altos Hornos ZaplaSportivo Patria1 - 0Lose
2017-11-11Sportivo PatriaJuventud Antoniana1 - 1Draw

Betting Tips & Prediction For This Game


Under/Over Betting Tip

HomeAwayTotal GoalsSuggested bet
0 (0.62)1 (1.11)1+0.5

Bet Juice (Vig) from odds compared : 0

Sure bet Altos Hornos Zapla vs Sportivo Patria Rate 4 din 5
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