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Today's betting tips football and the statistics for: Fortaleza Zipaquira vs Boca Juniors De Cali on 12 October 2020

Fortaleza Zipaquira

The statistics of the Fortaleza Zipaquira Team
PointsGoals ScoredGoals Tacked
Data are calculated for last 9 games played
Country: League:
League Position: Points: Wins:
Uefa Points:
Last results for Fortaleza Zipaquira
2020-10-12Fortaleza ZipaquiraBoca Juniors De Cali1-0Won
2020-10-08OrsomarsoFortaleza Zipaquira3-2Lose
2020-10-06Fortaleza ZipaquiraDeportes Quindío1-0Won
2020-10-03Fortaleza ZipaquiraDeportes QuindíoDraw
2020-10-01Deportes QuindíoFortaleza Zipaquira1-0Lose
2020-09-29Union MagdalenaFortaleza ZipaquiraDraw
2020-09-25Fortaleza ZipaquiraDeportes Quindío0-1Lose
2020-09-20Fortaleza ZipaquiraClub Llaneros1-1Draw
2020-09-19Fortaleza ZipaquiraClub LlanerosDraw

Boca Juniors De Cali

The statistics of the Boca Juniors De Cali Team
PointsGoals ScoredGoals Tacked
Data are calculated for last 7 games played
Country: League:
League Position: Points: Wins:
Uefa Points:
Last results for Boca Juniors De Cali
2020-10-12Fortaleza ZipaquiraBoca Juniors De Cali1-0Lose
2020-10-07Boca Juniors De CaliBogota1-3Lose
2020-10-04Boca Juniors De CaliReal Santander1-0Won
2020-09-26Boca Juniors De CaliCorporacion Deportiva Real Cartagena0-0Draw
2020-09-20Boca Juniors De CaliTigres Futbol Club1-0Won
2020-03-04Leones *Boca Juniors de Cali1 - 1Draw
2020-02-19Boca Juniors de CaliLeones0 - 0Draw

Betting Tips & Prediction For This Game


Under/Over Betting Tip

HomeAwayTotal GoalsSuggested bet
0 (0.57)0 (0.43)0-0.5

Bet Juice (Vig) from odds compared : -7.28

Sure bet Fortaleza Zipaquira vs Boca Juniors De Cali Rate 3 din 5
Best odds online are from
1.673.485.20Best Odds

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